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Tips For Planning Your Outer Banks Beach Barbecue Outing

Tips For Planning Your Outer Banks Beach Barbecue Outing

carryout_barbecue_outer_banks_kill_devil_hillsOuter Banks Barbecue Beach Picnic

Bring on the barbecue carryout

You do not really think about the best way to have that barbecue picnic but like anything else there are tips to make it go as smoothly as possible. Besides, you are on the Outer Banks Beach. You want to get back to having fun as soon as possible.

Get that blanket ready

Keep this simple as possible. You of course will need a place for you and your family to sit down. Remember you have to lug whatever you bring from your Kitty Hawk or Kill Devil Hills home or rental to the beach and back. You can stuff that bbq beach blanket anywhere in a bag. You of course will need a place for you and your family to sit down.seafood_outer_banks_carryout

Don’t forget the shade..The Outer Banks Sun can be unforgiving

Hot food is great, but you will enjoy that Carolina bbq immensely more if you are in the shade. This is especially true with kids.

outer banks sun

Sometimes you just have to take it back to the rental or your home..

If it is really hot, take that takeout meal to your rental In fact don’t hesitate to go back to the OBX rental if it is a scorcher of a day on the beach.

Have the handwipes ready

It is not glamorous but ribs, chicken, pie, and the beach mean you will need to keep those hands clean.

Paper plates are never a bad thing

On grocery day when you go to the supermarket to get your supplies get paper and plastic everything. That way you can enjoy the ribs and chuck anything you do not need, versus having to transport it and  wash it.

Don’t forget the drinks

Make sure to have lots of water. Your eating heavy delicious food and it is likely to be hot. Even if you are not on thebeach_picnic_outer_banks beach stay hydrated. Especially after a big meal.

Good Carolina Carryout Home Cooking means..Napkins

Lets be honest great country cooking, especially in the Outer Banks means a little mess. Bring about a bazillion (not a real word) napkins. I have never been to any outer banks food gathering, beach, porch, dining table etc where you didn’t need lots of napkins.

The Right Carryout or Takeout Foods

Regardless of how you play it there are a few foods which are great for the outdoors. They are also easy to be eaten with hands only (always a great option). These are ideal for that beach picnic or a really fast dinner. Here is a breakdown of some of the Darrells 2 fare that is perfect for the picnic, family dinner, or rental carryout meal.

outer_banks_seafood_carryout nags head

Fried Chicken

Its the perennial fast family favorite. Lots of flavor, lots of pieces. Cooked so hot that germs and heat have no effect on it.


Messy, saucy, scrumptious. Worth the mess, probably, but have lots of napkins ready. Also on a hot day gobs of heavy bbq sauce may not be all that great. Make this an indoor home or rental dish.

Fried Mahi Mahi

Ideal. Ready to be picked up by hand, dipped in tartar sauce (kept as cold as possible for as long as possible) and then eaten.

Chicken Strips

If you have been a parent you have had your fair share of chicken nuggets, chicken bites, and of course strips. Darrells 2 offers hand breaded ultra fresh strips. These are perfect for anywhere as you eat them with hands. Just dip and eat.


This is would be unthinkable not to include it.

Popcorn Shrimp

The popcorn shrimp is a great portable food. Precooked at high temperature and easy to eat, this might be the perfect food for your beach outing in the OBX.

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