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Outer Banks Soft Shell Crab Season

The Soft Shells For 2018 Are Here

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For those who have never had Outer Banks Soft Shell crab it probably seems strange. Frying up the entire crab, claws and all dumped on the sandwich, hanging out beyond the borders of the bread. Its not neat and pretty like a burger or hot dog but..there is a reason people wait anxiously for soft shell crab season in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is delicious. One taste and all the weird looks are going forever. At Darrells 2 we joyfully wait for that first harvest of soft shell crabs, right from the sound, to put in the fryer.

soft shell crab obx darrells 2So How Do You Know When The Softshell Season Starts

I have heard and read many different ways we know it is softshell season. It seems to be this nebulous fluctuating period between May and September. Many consider the first full moon in May to be the official start. It can vary. The forks come out around May so whether its prime soft shell crabbing season or not the pots are going out. Sometimes it is as simple as noticing the crab shells are getting softer  when you harvest the pots.

How do you find the molting crabs

I have also heard a number of ways this is done. The most scientific method is to look for a peel line on the back fin of the crab. This will turn from white to red. Obviously you have to watch the crabs more often so that you can them when the molting begins which can happen over the course of a few hours.

Now the fun part…Fresh Ocean to Table, Soft shell Crabs at Darrells 2

Darrells 2 will offer this seasonal item as soon as the local fishermen bring them in.  Check our Facebook page and website so we can let you know!

seafood outer banksDont Forget..Darrells 2 has Seafood Carryout!

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