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Outer Banks Barbecue

bbq outer banksBy Barbecue in the Outer Banks I could be referring to many things. Ribs, Chicken,Pork or any meat you want to slather with sauce. The foundation of barbecue is the original American Bbq. By that I mean the traditional Eastern Carolina bbq. Some call it vinegar sauce.  Here are a few of the basic characteristics:

  • vinegar
  • red pepper flakes
  • mincing and shredding to get the flavor into it
  • hours of cooking
  • some add sugar
  • some add cayenne pepper and/or hot sauce
  • lots of time to cook

This is OBX or Carolina barbecue at its most basic and for some the only way they will eat it. Its a clear liquid with a lot of flavor. Personally I think it must be combined with fresh cole slaw, bun optional.

BBQ: North Carolina, Outer Banks, and Beyond

Now it gets interesting. You can start adding on to this to get some interesting variations. I am guessing this experimentation was how we ended up with so many barbecue (bbq) sauces. As you move west you will see some additions to this sauce recipe which can include

  • mustard
  • molassas
  • more sugar
  • ketchup
  • kosher salt

Then there are those who take tradition to the weird extreme with add ins like

  • coffee
  • peach
  • maple
  • apricot
  • mango
  • cherry
  • blackberry

To each their own. At Darrells 2 Barbecue in the Outer Banks we go a little simpler with traditional carolina bbq and sweeter bbq sauce

BBQ OBX sides for Carolina style bbq

Now you can’t have good carolina outer banks barbeque without great sides. Some of the traditional sides that go perfectly with this are:

  • potato salad
  • cole slaw
  • baked beans

Tips for barbecue in the Outer Banks

  • Here are a few tips I have heard to ensure great bbq. Personally, I would leave this to us but in case you are curious:
  • Plan to be smoking the meat for hours
  • Don’t add the bbq sauce to soon
  • When in doubt hickory is a fantastic wood to cook with
  • Remember smoke IS flavor
  • Carolina OBX Barbecue Carryout: The perfect addition to your rental meal

While you are on the beach our smokers are cooking off the bypass road in Nags Head (The Outer Banks Mall to be exact). For hour upon hour smoke is flavoring your future barbecue meal. To enjoy it, all you need to do is three things:

  • Call us for Barbecue carryout
  • Come pick it up
  • Enjoy it in your beach rental

Bbq Carryout Options

As far as bbq carryout options, we offer large family style meals. We also offer ala carte. Many opt to order a family meal and then add on additional items. The choice is yours

outer banks mallBarbecue Catering

Why cater with barbecue? Why skip the uptight chicken cordon bleu dish at your wedding? Because it tastes so good. Let Darrells cater it Outer Banks Carolina style with barbecue, ribs, fried chicken, seafood and more..



In fact we cater:

  • weddings
  • parties
  • graduation
  • rehearsal dinners
  • office parties
  • meetings
  • beach parties
  • beach rental get together
  • reunions