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Go anywhere in this country or even the Outer Banks and you will see people love their dogs (cats are included somewhere in there as well:)). So why not celebrate your favorite canine by going to Woofstock

woofstock outer banksWoofstock

Outer Banks Dog Festival

The name Woofstock sounds like the way Scooby Doo would pronounce Woodstock. Woofstock offers a day of frolicking and fun for the family dog including:

• Pet exhibitors
• Family fun
• Canine Contests and prizes
• Music
• Dog Photographer
• Food (for the people)
• Dog Art and Dog art supplies
• Best bark contest (bring ear plugs)
• Elizabethan era dog costume contest
• Most “Woofstock” pooch ( I am picturing a big fluffy sheepdog with dreads winning this but who knows)
• Owner look alike contest
• Canine fun drinks(like virgin daiquiris)
• Paw Readings (honestly I am not making this up—how deep is a dogs paw reading going to be anyway)
• Pet Adoption Information
• Puppie kissing booth (adorable but…hard pass)
• Ecofriendly dog toy samples
• Dog Movies
• Cat toys( really…please don’t torture your cat by bringing them)
• Dog micro chip information and services

And best of all…the dogs’ get free admission. Their human companions don’t. But who doesn’t want to spend a fun afternoon with their pet. I bet a lot of people would do this every week if it was offered.

Where is Woofstock?:

The Elizabethan Gardensbarbecue

Where is else to have a giant dog party than at a giant outdoor garden for your dog to explore. Lots of places to explore in a beautiful surrounding

When is Woofstock?

April 16th
10- 2

What about doggie etiquette?

By Doggy etiquette I am referring to some tips for caring for your dog while they are at an outdoor dog festival.

• Dont lose track of your pet. There will be dogs everywhere. Make sure he or she is leashed and at your side

• Bring doggie bags for cleanup.

• Bring lots of water for Fido

• Get ready for a distracted dog. Food smells, lots of people and dogs mean their attention span will be on overdrive

Looking for more information about the festival. Here is the link to the Woofstock site


Interactive Map for #Woofstock

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