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takeoutCheap Eats For The Family With Takeout

One thing that bothers people on vacation is if they want to eat out but realize the cost for a family to eat is exorbitant in the OBX. Many times meals run $20 to $30 a person or more in some cases with tax and tip included. Imagine if that was only $8 or $10 a person. Imagine feeding the family for under $50 and being stuffed after eating with food left over.

One of the most cost-effective ways to feed a family right in your rental is with out takeout meals for the family. Whether at lunch or dinner our takeout meals provide incredible value. Our carry out meals are ideal for the family and unbelievably competitively priced, offering lots of food and no cleanup. Many people feel there is a trade off between quality and price. Not so with barbecue or our barbecue carryout meals. Our meals are the highest quality takeout meals perfect for the little ones and the little at heart. They are also good for hearty appetites.

BBQ, Chicken, and Other Home cooking takeout meals

Here is one of our fantastic take out meals that give you lots of home cooked food at a great price.

Cheap Eats Takeout Special

For $40 Feed Your Family Of Four. This includes:

  1. 8 pieces of Darrells Homemade Fried Chicken
  2. A pound of BBQ
  3. 3 Sides (choose from a number of favorites, each side comes in one pint container)
  4. 12 Hush Puppies
  5. A Gallon of Tea Sweet or Unsweet

This comes out to around $10 a person for a party of 4

For This Packages also choose 3 of these sides:

  • Collards
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Baked Beans
  • Cole Slaw
  • Garden Salad

takeout mealsBut you can also dine in

If you want the feel of eating out join us at Darrells 2 Barbecue in our casual dining room for the restaurant experience without the shockingly high price. Or take it to go of course

Perfect family meal for all ages

And we have lots of add-ons if you want more variety beyond just Carolina barebeque or fried chicken. Check out our menu

Clean up

Cleanup? There is no cleanup. Just close up what you didn’t eat and pop it in the rental fridge for tomorrow’s lunch at the beach, if there is any left.

bbq cateringCheck out our other large family takeout meals