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Soft Shells, Seafood, And More

Seafood Restaurants in the Outer Banks. The two go together hand outer banks seafood restaurant menu and informationin hand. I cannot even think about coming to the OBX with visiting multiple restaurants that offer fresh local seafood. On top of that I don’t just want one type of seafood. I want crabs, softshell crab, shrimp, oysters, clams, and of course fish. Here is a breakdown of the different ways you can enjoy our seafood restaurant at Darrells 2 in Nags Head.


Soft shells in seasonouter banks seafood restaurant menu and information

Crab can mean many things to the seafood lover visiting their favorite restaurants. Starting in May there is no substitute for soft shell crab. It is one of the rarest dishes, if fresh, since the tend to be abundant fresh in late Spring, early summer. Whether on a sandwich or just by itself, it is a fried seafood treat

Looking to find out more about soft shell crabs and how they are harvested?Check out this article about how fresh soft shell finds its way to Darrell’s 2 restaurant in Nags Head.

Outer Banks Soft Shell Crab Season

King Crab

For some cracking crab legs is the only way to go. We offer King Crab Legs that you can boil yourself with our steampots to go. Believe it or not it is unbelievably simple to boil them right in your beach rental. We supply you with a metal pot, you just add water and boil.


While most American shrimp is imported from Asia, ours is imported from the body of water you see outside your beach home or beach rental unit. Shrimp from these waters is safer and tastier than shrimp that has to be brought in from around the world

Seafood family meals

Feed the whole family fresh seafood on your Outer Banks Trip without sinking the budget. Our carryout or takeout meals offer lots of value for quality food without the huge price markup. You shouldn’t get sticker shock because you want to eat out or order takeout in the OBX.

Seafood family carryout

Why not have a seafood beach lunch or a seafood family dinner. Our Seafood carryout can include:

  • Little neck clams
  • Crab legs
  • Steamed Clams
  • Crab Slough Oysters (in season)
  • Soft shell crab (in season)
  • Steamed Shrimp

Do It Yourself Meals

Have the main course and need some sides. We have perfect home cooked sides to go with whatever seafood you have cooking. Likewise, you can have us prepare the seafood main course as a complement to your meal

Family Meal takeout

Great food does not have to be outrageous. Our Family take out meals offer incredible value per person AND you can seafood items to them ala carte.

Rehearsal dinner seafood

If you are planning a beach wedding, why not add seafood to the mix. Fresh Carolina seafood is the perfect maritime complement for the rehearsal dinner.


For any event Darrells 2 can offer seafood catering, bbq catering, and other home cooked favorites for everything from graduations to weddings.

Wedding Catering

Planning the big day is tough enough. Call us to do your wedding catering. There is no charge for a quote..

Catering For The Outer Banks Community

Oh..and we have some of the best BBQ in the Outer Banks