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Saving The Outer Banks..One Seafood Restaurant At A Time

Saving The Outer Banks..One Seafood Restaurant At A Time
seafood restaurant obxDo you know you can save the OBX waterways by eating at an Outer Banks seafood restaurant. I know what you are thinking…what? But how is supporting a local Outer Banks seafood restaurant going to help save something as big as the Outer Banks? Well believe it or not, it can.

One Key Thing When Selecting Your Seafood Restaurant in the OBX..

Not to sound too much like an infomercial but the simplest actions can help save crabs, fish, clams, oysters, and other seafood sources in our Pamlico Sound and The Atlantic Ocean. And unlike other infomercials it will not require you say a word or spend one red cent. Just choose places that follow practices that support the OBX Waterways in a way that allows us to enjoy it’s seafood without destroying it. Seems logical too me. We need to eat, but if we eat in a way that consumes everything, we will end up not eating any seafood. Or worse, only be able to eat foreign seafood where there are less restrictions on how it is raised.

Simple Seafood Restaurant Selection In The Outer Banks NC

The Outer Banks Catch Foundation does a number of things to preserve the balance between consumer need for fresh seafood and making sure there is enough healthy fresh seafood to meet that need. They accomplish this in a number of simple and effective ways.

obx seafood houseGuidelines For Outer Banks Fishermen

The Outer Banks Catch goes right to the source. It makes sure fishermen know how to fish our local OBX waters without depleting them. Sometimes a little knowledge and direction can help keep this delicate balance with the environment, without hurting their incomes.

Guidelines For Seafood Restaurants

Restaurants need to know where they can procure seafood that is healthier and caught in a way that does not hurt the environment. This helps the right fishermen find the right restaurants. It also creates a network of sustainable seafood restaurants and fishermen and creates best practices.

Guidelines For Seafood Restaurant Consumers

This is where you and I come in. We see the Outer Banks sticker or website listings and know that a restaurant in the Outer Banks..

  • Is serving local seafood
  • Is serving fresher healthier seafood
  • Is supporting local jobs by supporting local fishermen
  • Is supporting local jobs by supporting local restaurants
  • Is preserving the Pamlico Sound

outer banks seafood restaurantYour Responsibility: Go To A Seafood Restaurant That Uses Outer Banks Catch

So All The Heavy Lifting Is Done

Your part is to complete this culinary OBX ecosystem by choosing the restaurants that do these things. Doing your part has never been so easy…or tasty.




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