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Outer Banks Seafood: The Authentic Catch

Outer Banks Seafood: The Authentic Catch

fresh outer banks seafoodDarrells 2 is a gold member of the Outer Banks Catch, a certification program that separates out impostor seafood from real OBX delights. We are also supporters of organizations focused on keeping sea life fresh and healthy for years to come. We support Outer Banks based fishing like Waterman United. But more importantly we challenge everyone to make sure what they are eating is up to standard.

How Fresh Is Your Seafood?

80% of the seafood you eat is not coming from American waters. It is imported which kind of defeats the purpose of enjoying fresh local Outer Banks seafood. Even more shocking 98% is not inspected by the FDA. But that is not the most surprising point. Of the 2% that did get inspected it might shock you the condition its in. Here are a few quick surprising facts:

  • Some of the seafood is spoiled
  • 1 in 5 pieces of seafood (of the 2%) has Salmonella
  • Some had dirt, bug and vermin remains
  • Much of the seafood contains a banned antibiotic that was once used to treat pneumonia and tuberculosis

fresh outer banks seafoodAtlantic Ocean To Nags Head

Darrells and Darrells 2 are ocean to table restaurants. We have always been this way but many other places are not. Our seafood arrives fresh and we broil or fry it up fresh. Local fisherman catch it. We buy it and cook it. That is how you enjoy Outer Banks Seafood, worry free and without hidden chemicals, additives or pollutants.

Outer Banks Seafood’s Final Journey: Carryout or Catering!

Now Its your turn to enjoy it. There are 3 easy ways to enjoy Darrells 2 Seafood

1-Darrells 2 in Nags Head

visit us in our Nags Head location. We offer a host of seasonal and traditional seafood favorites. All these are fished in the sound by local Carolina fishermen.

2-Carryout OBX

Come pick it up and take it to your rental. This is perfect for picnics, family gatherings and more. You can enjoy these anywhere knowing exactly what you are getting

3-Catering Outer Banks Style

Let us cater your next event anywhere in the Outer Banks from Manteo to Kitty Hawk to Duck.

bbq_carryout_nags_headLandlubber in the group?

Darrells has BBQ Carryout favorites as well including:

  • Home cooked ribs
  • Fresh fried chicken
  • Home style cole slaw
  • Carolina bbq
  • Traditional sides like baked beans, mashed potatoes, and more