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Outer Banks Restaurants Still Offer Fresh Shrimp

Outer Banks Restaurants Still Offer Fresh Shrimp

The battle to rid Outer Banks Restaurants of local shrimp has raged via new bureaucratic laws for months. In spite of fresh outer banks shrimp restaurantthis campaign of nonsense to end employment for Carolinians’ and fresh food for tourists and locals, the Pamlico sound trawlers are still bringing in fresh shrimp to Darrell’s 2 Seafood Restaurant.

In fact we just got a catch brought in by a local fisherman. That may seem mundane but fresh seafood has become rare. In the Outer Banks we and other local restaurants never abandoned the practice of getting fresh, off the boat seafood, from Carolina waters.

 Where can I get Outer Banks Shrimp In The Outer Banks?

Many places offer shrimp but ask “is this fresh from the OBX?” Shrimp restaurants like Darrell’s 2 belong to an association committed to supporting local fishermen. The Outer Banks Catch is an organization showing who sells and who serves the real seafood. We are proud to offer the crabs, shrimp, fish, and oysters from local fisherman connected with this organization.

 Which restaurants serve fresh Outer Banks shrimp?

Here is a link a to restaurants who offer certified fresh shrimp. Naturally Darrell’s and Darrell’s 2 are proud to be part of that list.

Certified Local Shrimp and Seafood Providers

 What does fresh OBX Shrimp mean?

Maybe a better question is what it does NOT mean. Outer Banks fresh shrimp:

  • Is fished here in the Outer Banks
  • Does not have antibiotics delivered to it
  • Does not have a flat taste
  • Is not grown in shrimp farms
  • Is harvested here in the Outer Banks
  • Is harvested by actual local fisherman supporting American jobs
  • Is not flash frozen, stored for months, and shipped miles around the globe
  • Does not come from diseased or dangerous waters that would never be used as shrimping areas here

 Can you tell it in the taste?

Hey there is only one way to find out. Try one of the many shrimp offerings for lunch or dinner at Darrell’s 2 whichfried shrimp include

  • Takeout or Carryout seafood meals offering shrimp
  • Our scrumptious shrimp po’boy
  • Fried Shrimp platter
  • Steam pots to go

 What is the alternative?

Well I would ask you to make that decision for yourself. Here are some links to actual articles talking about the future some non fishermen want you to have with your seafood choices. As you read, you will see the dangers of not offering local  shrimp is real and must be addressed.

Risks of foreign shrimp

Find out about illegal antibiotics in foreign shrimp in this ABC report

Foreign shrimp farm dangers

The FDA only inspects about 2% of all foreign shrimp going in your body.

Check out our menu brimming with local seafood