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Mothers Day Carryout

Mothers Day Carryout

The ultimate Mother’s day celebration feast is easier than you think. Let Darrell’s 2 help you give Mom a break without spending all day preparing food and another day cleaning up. We have the capacity to prepare fresh meals for small gatherings to giant festivals

Mothers Day Carryout Ideas

Looking for some ideas on what to have. Darrells has ready to go family meal deals which are packed full of favorites any family will love. And of course Mom will love not having to cook at the family gathering. Some of the carryout and catering items we can offer are:

  • Ribs
  • Seafood
  • BBQ
  • Fried Chicken
  • Oysters
  • Shrimp

And of course we offer all of the sides and homemade desserts

Mothers Day Meal Deals

But why spend hours picking out when you can choose one of our carryout express meals. These are meals with preset assortments you can select without having to worry about forgetting anything. And we can make sure you have the right amounts since they are designed to fit different group sizes.

Design Your Own Mother’s Day Feast

Or you can pick and choose different items to complement your current Sunday Mothers Day Dinner or gathering. Maybe have our bbq to complement that Sunday Ham you are preparing. Or maybe you can use us for your sides and desserts to help free up time you would have to prepare them.

Mothers Day At Darrells 2

Need a place to have your Mothers Day Celebration lunch, dinner, or feast? Come join us at Darrells 2 in Nags Head.

The Next Step

If you need carryout order now and get it taken care of. Our phone number is:


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More Mother Day Carryout Or Catering Information

More About The Mother’s Day Holiday

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