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Great Outer Banks BBQ Review

Great Outer Banks BBQ Review

We Received A Great Review For Outer Banks BBQ On Yelp. When you make incredible pulled pork bbq, tangy outer banks barbecue ribs, and slow roasted barbeque chicken, people take notice. Whether visiting the Outer Banks for the first time or a local who dines here all the time, Darrells 2 offers traditional bbq favorites that will please any palette.

A BBQ Yelp Review From Rodney W

Recently Rodney W gave us a stellar 5 star review on Yelp. I put a screenshot of that below

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The review talks about our BBQ. Our traditional bbq is always a hit and we love the great review. But it also goes into our fresh seafood. Our fish tacos combine locally harvested fish prepared at the peak of freshness. Accordingly, as good as our bbq is, you do not want to miss out on our seafood.

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A Little More About Our BBQ

Back To Outer Banks BBQ. Just like our customer family, we cannot say enough about our authentic Carolina bbq. Here are some links to articles about our bbq offerings. Be warned, they are going to make you hungry.

BBQ Ribs

I could put the number of people I know who do not like ribs on one hand. The combination of slow cooked pork, smoke, and bbq sauce is a taste treat. Check out more about our bbq ribs.

OBX Barbecue

Great OBX barbecue can trace its roots back for many generations of Carolinians. Here is a little about that barbecue tradition.

Barbecue and Smoke

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You would not think that smoke was a thing. In great barbecue it is everything. Check out this bbq article on why smoke makes great Outer Banks bbq. Smoke just has a way of infusing flavor into pork.