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Fresh Outer Banks Shrimp Could Be Gone…FOREVER

Fresh Outer Banks Shrimp Could Be Gone…FOREVER

Imagine Never Being Able To Have Fresh Outer Banks Shrimp Again…

New legislation to restrict Outer Banks Fisherman from Shrimping in North fresh_caught_shrimp_outer_banks_restaurantCarolina estuaries and inlets has reached the Carolina mainland, miles away. Environmental special interests want to essentially end an entire shrimping industry in Carolina to protect the local habitat, or so it seems. Of course these people have nothing to lose. It is not their job on the block or the area that they live in being affected. As usual, it is a normal American’s livelihood which is unimportant to liberal special interests.

It’s a familiar theme crippling hundreds of millions of Americans. A small contingent of powerful special interests want to change the world to help a handful of Americans at the expense of MILLIONS of Americans. In most cases the specter of big money stands behind that 1%. Yes every special interest group has a strong case about one issue, but at the expense of a much greater majority and in many cases I would bet that their issue benefits powerful economic interests, whether they admit it or not.

Is This The Norm?

A recent election teetered on backlash to this 1% privilege that just does not really help America. It is a trend that challenges the idea that eliminating the jobs of working and middle class people are less important than foreign interests in this Dystopian world economy where most everyone is supposed to be poor and struggling, at least in America.

fresh_outer_banks_shrimp_discountAnd Worse: This Is Not Going To Help ANYONE

So here is what will happen..if we restrict all the shrimping in the Outer Banks, frozen foreign shrimp from unregulated foreign countries will hit the tables of the Outer Banks and decimate shrimp populations around the globe. So what have we gained:



  • Tourists who won’t pay for frozen shrimp in the Outer Banks
  • Jobless Outer Banks Citizens
  • Less tax revenues
  • Higher taxes for Carolinians
  • Frozen flat foreign shrimp
  • Big National Non Carolinian seafood chains moving into the Outer Banks who are supplied by frozen foreign seafood which inevitably will put local restaurateurs out of business

And the destruction of foreign shrimp habitats we want to save the shrimp and destroy the state? What about foreign shrimp habitats. Shouldn’t environmental rules apply to them? It is hypocritical to SAVE the Outer Banks but open the door to product that is destroying other habitats.

But there is a BIGGER Loser in this deal….YOU

The shrimp that will be filling the gap will come from Central and Southeast Asia. This reality made me curious. What is the environment like there? How regulated is their fishing industry? I pulled a clip that says it all.

This clip is from Consumer Reports which goes into the disturbing reality of non American shrimp and the obvious health ramifications for the average American.

Maybe we need to have an organization looking out for the health of the Average American. Of course, what benefit would that be to the 1% ?

 Now It Is Your Turn To Say You Are More Important Than A Shrimp

Fight this any way you can. This is special interest politics at its worst. This is a decision that will not benefit the Average American.

There are solutions, but an immediate death penalty on shrimping boats (sorry Bubba Gump) is the wrong way to go. Seek solutions which don’t kill jobs or make it impossible for people to make a living.

So What Can You Do To Protect Jobs, Your Health, And this Country?

Sign the petition to fight this nonsense.

Here is the link

Follow the Waterman United Facebook page for other things you can do to stop this nonsense

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These steps are easy, they can make a huge impact and you can do them right from your smartphone.