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The Barbecue secret ingredient: vinegar

bbq catering You wouldn’t think something as hard as vinegar would be a secret ingredient but no great barbecue is going to have that flavor that people love without it. Especially if it’s the traditional part BBQ which is the shredded pork with seasonings and of course vinegar.

Vinegar is the first major type of barbecue. No one calls it that. It is of course known as Carolina barbecue or Easter Carolina style sauce. Vinegar gives it that tang, and no great authentic BBQ can be made without some version of it

bbqChopped BBQ

Most of the time the vinegar infused smoked bbq is then chopped. This helps spread the seasonings through the bbq and make it easy to mesh with a key condiment that great bbq is often accompanied

Seasoned BBQ

Post chop pepper flakes, hot sauce, and other optional seasonings are added. These help give power to that vinegar tangy taste

To Bun or not bun

Bun or no bun it is good and there is really no wrong way to eat it. Some like the fork,some want that sandwich style. To each their own.

But there is no bad BBQ….just varieties

Line but there’s all types of barbecue in this country we serve them all whether it’s next week Memphis BBQ or mustardy South Carolina style barbecue or even that tomato we Kansas City style barbecue we serve all tastes. And if you don’t like barbecue we also have Pamlico sound fresh seafood including oysters,crab, softshell crab, shrimp, and more.

barbecueThe other key to great Carolina Barbecue…

Vinegar is a key component but true barbecue aficionados know there is one more thing that tends to follow this authentic style of barbeque pork…cole slaw. Click over and check out the ins and outs of this tailor made bbq condiment which is a perfect pair with this iconic Eastern Carolina dish.

Come try our BBQ nearby

Our hickory smoked bbq is not rushed and has a deep smoky flavor. Whether you come in for a sandwich at lunch or takeout for your family dinner in the rental, we are your stop.


Our takeout is scrumptious but could also be considered cheap eats. One of our large family meals can feed your family for a lot less than most OBX restaurants. Check out our meal deals and then call for Takeout.

Our Location

We are located in the Outer Banks at the Outer Banks Mall Near the Cotton Gin.