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Bbq Ribs Outer Banks

by darrells
Bbq Ribs Outer Banks

Outer Banks Ribs

If there are two things which were meant to be together on your dinner plate in the Outer Banks it is ribs and bbq. While the perennial traditional shredded bbq is also a great choice, do not make the mistake of forgetting about the ribs. Just like shredded pork, beef and pork ribs are flavor packed from the minute they hit the smoker or grill. Once slow smoked with hickory for hours, the combination of flavors, aroma, and tenderness are some of the best food  you can have in Carolina.


Bbq Ribs In the NORTH CAROLINA Outer Banks

You probably noticed I stressed the terms bbq ribs and NORTH CAROLINA. While you are on the barrier island known as the Outer Banks, you are still proudly in Carolina Cooking country. That means bbq is a locals dish here in the OBX. Yes Both Darrells 2 and The Outer Banks have incredible fresh seafood pulled right from Oregon Inlet. But it would be a crime to skip the bbq ribs.


Fresh Smoked Ribs

Ribs, like all great barbecue foods require a lot to be scrumptious. Two things on that list you can never neglect are:

  • Time
  • Smoke

Sounds a little general but I mean it takes hours of slow cooking to make sure the meat is tender. The slow cooking also makes sure the juices don’t cook off and the meat becomes dried up. Tender ribs taste the best. Additionally, smoke is also a product of time. Letting the slow hickory chip vapors work their way into the rib meat adds a new dimension to the taste of the ribs. This flavor aroma complements the sweetness of a bbq sauce or the tangy accents of a bbq rub. In laymen’s terms, it is delicious.

Bbq Ribs Are Fun Food

While I have heard the term fun food bounced around a lot, I have to put ribs in the category. You can eat them with your hands and that is totally acceptable. In fact, you would look a little strange using a knife and fork. They also taste great and can be a meal by themselves. That is why you will see them on every bar menu or appetizer list in America (barring vegetarian places of course).

Ribs Are Perfect For Carryout

Our Ribs are perfect when you need something to bring home and feed the family. They can be served casually or as part of big meal. And even the seafood lovers don’t pass on the ribs!

Some come enjoy some fantastic ribs and bbq at Darrells 2 Restaurant in the Outer Banks!