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Barbecue in the Outer Banks

Barbecue in the Outer Banks

If you come to the Outer Banks and cannot find a bbq restaurant I have a few questions:bbq near me

  1. Were you actually in the Outer Banks?
  2. Did you not know what you were eating?

How could this tragedy happen?

All jokes aside bbq in North Carolina is a big deal. Many people do not always immediately associate the Outer Banks with mainland Carolina when it comes to cultural icons like bbq. But the OBX is just as much Carolina as anywhere else. You just can get really great seafood with your barbecue and are very likely too.

Outer Banks BBQ Restaurant

A good Outer Banks BBQ Restaurant in kitty hawk, Nags Head, or Kill Devil Hills will serve multiple types of barbecue. BUT, one of those bbq styles will be the traditional shredded bbq. It can be on a bun. It can have cole slaw as a condiment or not. But this is the litmus test. I know of NO true barbecue place that will not at least offer this.

This is the traditional style which consists:

  • A pork butt (do not worry about the name)
  • Smoke
  • Hours of cooking
  • Hours of patience
  • Vinegar sauce

If it doesn’t have these criteria, it is not traditional. Not to say that it is not delicious or even bbq, but I am talking about Traditional Americana style.

Outer Banks BBQ Formula

You will find that the flavor of barbecue gets closer to the original Colonial Flavor the closer you get to.. you guessed it, North Carolina and the coast of Virginia. These are the epicenters of the origin of this culinary phenomenon. as these were colonization areas for some of the first settlers in America. The formula is really simple as I listed above. It is a smoked piece of pork, shredded, with vinegar sauce mixed in.

But do not dismiss the role of smokebarbeque_restaurant

For those who may not have pondered the deep origins and mysteries of great barbecue, it is important to note that smoke is a critical element. By smoke I actually mean smoke coming from different types of wood and permeating the meat. This process of smoking takes hours, but the real difference comes when you take a bite and there is a rich smoky flavor to the meat. There is nothing like it. No one says they want smoke flavored meat but I think many people think bbq when they are thinking of smoky flavored meat.

OBX Tourists…Cultural Food Tour

But the locals know, this is truly America’s food and Outer Banks Barbecue is pulled (excuse the play on know pulled pork) from the original. The style goes back to America’s original settlers. Though I never really think of it when I am woofing down a bbq sandwich, it does date to Colonial origins.

Americas Food: What Is In A Name

You probably have noticed I have vacillated between multiple spellings of barbeque. I have heard it called
Barby, BQue, Barbecue, Barbeque, Joy on a bun..these are all different spellings I have seen for this iconic dish.The official spelling is barbecue though many say bbq. I think it is ok so I have fun with it since everyone seems to have a different way of spelling it.

Darrells 2 BBQ

We have been smoking Carolina bbq for over thirty years. In fact, 44 to be exact. We do it the way it has been done for centuries and the proof is in the flavor. Try it at Darrells in Manteo or Darrells 2 in Nags Head at the Outer Banks Mall.

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