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5 tips for choosing a caterer in the Outer Banks

Looking to cater an event in the Outer Banks? The Outer Banks has a plethora of delicious food, giving you lots of choices on who to use.  Nevertheless here are some tips for selecting catering for your next Outer Banks:

  • rehearsal dinner
  • wedding
  • beach party
  • graduation party
  • business meeting
  • family get together
  • family reunion
  • birthday celebration
  • holiday celebration
  • Fourth of July
  • Christmas Party
  • Retirement Party

outer_banks_catering_Choosing The Right Caterer in the OBX: 5 Quick Tips

Make sure the caterer is very responsive from the get go

There is no room for unreliable catering. From the minute they pick up of the phone to the packing up of the last table, attentiveness matters.

Flexible Menu

It is your event. Make sure the menu can fit all the different dietary needs your guests may have.


Who are you dealing with? Make sure to ask how long they have been in the catering business. Have you sampled their cooking? Do they have  solid public reputation?

Really fresh food

This is tantamount to having a great event. Processed, preservative laden food that is of low quality has no place here. Make sure the food comes from local producers, comes fresh, and is prepared right away.

What is their specialty

Every caterer has some dishes they do better than others. Darrells 2 specializes in barbecue, seafood, and home cooking. Make sure that the caterer specializes in what you like.

Darrells 2 Catering in the Outer Banks, North Carolina

Darrells 2 of the Outer Banks offers both catering and carryout. We serve the same farm/ ocean to table food you get in our Outer Banks restaurant just on a bigger scale. We also pride ourselves on true family style service whether it is a table of one, or a room of 300.

Check The Portable Kitchen And On Site Facilities For Yourself

Darrells 2 has on site AND portable cooking facilities to handle large events. Here are some pictures of our trailer. In obx_catering_servicesfact come check out our clean on site and portable facilities at Darrells 2 at the Outer Banks Mall. You will see our catering trailer right in the parking lot visible from the bypass road.

The Next Step: See What We Can Offer

Why not come for a tasting? or if you need a quote fill out this form and we will be in touch